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Brand Identity | Why Social Media is so crucial to a brand's growth

Without an audience a brand is nothing more than an idea. People trust people, and it can take time to build trust in a person.

People don't typically put trust right into a brand without wanting to learn about it.
Even if we're learning through image content, a hashtag click, or word of mouth.
Typically we've done research, no matter how little. Before we click follow & give up our hard earned dollar we want to know the brand.

That's why it is so important to us at Fla Coastal that we not only grow a loyal following, but that this following is built of real people. We want these people to know we're just like them, living a lifestyle we love.

It's this desire that drove us to create our Brand Ambassador program.
Sure we love our products, but keep in mind small businesses are made up of small teams. If we only post content with our own team in our products, wouldn't you think that content would begin to look tired? Yes!
Our Lifestyle Ambassadors bring a fresh face to the brand.

We have connected with each Lifestyle Ambassador through social media and the power of hashtags. They are always enthusiastic to connect with our brand. They create excitement around our brand and we love having them on our team!

Our Lifestyle Ambassadors receive a 25% off promo code just for adding #FlaCoastal to their pics or tagging us in their shots. They also receive their own personalized promo code to offer their friends & fans. They can place this code in their bio, or share it however they'd like. Every 5 times this fan code is used we'll send our Ambassadors FREE gear!

Want to be the next new face of Fla Coastal? 

Connect with us on social and we'll get you started! 


See you on the coast 🤙

Fla Coastal⚓