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Visit Dry Tortugas National Park

Photo Credit to NPS.GOV Visit Dry Tortugas NP

The name itself holds no water, Dry Tortugas National Park is only made up of 1% of dry ground!

The best way we can see fit to enjoy this park is by getting your toes wet. 

You'll find Dry Tortugas National Park at the southwest corner of the Florida Keys. The reef system found here is the third largest in the world. There will be no lack of marine life to see here!

So how do you get to this destination paradise? You can arrive at Garden Key by way of the commercial ferry or seaplane. For those of you that have your own boat or and awesome friend's boat to hop on, you can venture even more areas!

Moat Wall Photo Credit to NPS.GOV Visit Dry Tortugas NP

That's right, this bad boy has the real deal! The only thing separating Fort Jefferson from an amphibious assault in the late 1800s was this moat. 

While swimming in the moat is prohibited, swimming around the moat wall is welcome to visitors. Snorkeling here, you are likely to see anything from marine life to cultural artifacts.

Little Africa Reef | Visit Dry Tortugas NP | Things To Do In Florida | Photo Credit to NPS.GOV

Little Africa Reef - Located just a few yards off the western shore of loggerhead key. This coral formation gets it's name from resembling the continent of Africa, imagine that! This is much larger than the coral reefs found at Garden Key. 

LOOK but DON'T TOUCH! Remember we mentioned this reef system is the third largest in the world? Extreme care, respect and preservation has allowed this system to flourish. Even just an accidental brush up against the coral will most likely kill it.

Also heed this warning for your own safety, you may be bumping into any number of potentially dangerous reef life. Don't let this stop you from exploring this beautiful destination! We just want you to always be aware that when you're in this reef system, or any element of nature, you are truly the guest in what is home to many living beings.

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Ref Page Content Attributed to: NPS.GOV | Cover Photo Credit to our Featured Coastliner @javifigs
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