About Us

Inspired by life on the Gulf of Mexico, 2 Florida natives created Fla Coastal. 

We're always dropping our anchors, fishing for a good time, getting dirty in the heart of Florida's wilderness and living life to the fullest. We wanted a way to express the life we live.

What started as a chat between buddies on a boat about designing shirts that represent what they love...evolved into an idea of a brand for everyone who shares their love for the coastal lifestyle. Feedback and approval began trickling in, fueling the determination to launch this brand.

In 2015 we turned our chat into a logo, our dream into a reality and we began our brand's mission; protect, preserve & respect the ground we stomp on and water we play in. Fla Coastal dedicates a portion of all profits to various organizations that protect & preserve our coast along with all the marine life that makes up the beautiful state we know & love!

Fla Coastal