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Coastal Influencers

What does it mean to be an Influencer?

Our Coastal Influencers give a face to our brand and bring it to life through their social media personalities or blogs. Every influencer brings a unique essence to our fam. They see our brand through different eyes than we do and they are able to represent our brand in a different light than we can. 

What are the perks of being a Coastal Influencer?

Discounts of minimum 25% on all coastal gear!

Personalized promo codes to offer friends, fans & fam!

Featured on our website, Instagram, Facebook, Google and any advertising!

Earn free gear by influencing purchases. Your pick! No limits on the amount of times you earn!

What does it take to be a Coastal Influencer?

Vibrant social media presence.

Growth Mentality.

Passionate about the coastal lifestyle.

Ability to make initial discounted apparel purchases (25% OFF every order).

Our Instagram handle in your bio.

A link to our site on your blog, website, social profile or LinkTree. (If applicable).

Like us on Facebook and invite your friends to like our Facebook page.

Share pics of you in your Coastal gear.

Hashtag your Florida lifestyle pics with any of our hashtags:

 #FlaCoastal #raw_florida_flacoastal #CoastalCrue #FitForTheCoast #LeaveYourWorriesInTheWake #ReelFlLiving #ReelFlaLiving #ReelFloridaLiving #ItsAllAboutLovingTheFloridaLifestyle #ItsAllAboutLovingTheCoastalLife

Overall sharing your love for the Coastal Life any way you can!

When am I considered a Pro Staff member? 

Our Coastal Influencers become Pro Staff members when their overall social presence exceeds 10k followers.

Pro Staffer's post lifestyle photos in Fla Coastal gear to their social media on a frequent basis.  

Pro Staff members reap all the same benefits as Coastal Influencers and even more that are too good to leak on this page!

Ready to join our crew as a Coastal Influencer or a Pro Staff member?

Connect with us on Social and show us how you're living the coastal lifestyle. You can also email and tell us why you are #FitForTheCoast
We're excited to welcome you as a face to our brand so don't be shy!